"Flow Over" Stripping System

"Flow Over" stripping is a process where an item is placed in a large tank and commercial strippers made for this type of system are pumped over a piece, keeping it wet. The chemicals are recycled to be used over again. The chemicals are a cold process solution so that no harm is done to the furniture joints, woods, or veneers. This has replaced the old "dip tanks" that used a lye based chemical that could be harmful to woods.  When a piece is stripped using the "Flow Over" system and washed  with a chemical solvent (not water),

it comes out clean, not discolored and the grain is not raised. Very little sanding has to be done. Stripping by hand cannot come close and give the results like our system provides.

What is the best way to strip furniture?

There is no good reason for you to attempt chemical wood stripping unless you enjoy doing it. Our Stripping & Refinishing service is more economical than people usually think, often just a little more than you would spend for the material you'll need to do it yourself. The professional systems that we use will get the wood much cleaner than any common home stripping method. Doing it yourself doesn't even save you very much money when you consider the cost of buying your own stripper, gloves, brushes, scrapers, time etc. Stripper fumes can also be very  dangerous without proper ventilation.

Hire a Professional Refinisher to do it for you !

Detailed Furniture ...

Even more intricate stripping jobs can be brought back to a better than factory finish. Many of the older pieces of furniture have a beautiful solid wood construction under the old finish. Most all old furniture comes out looking better than the finishes that were available when the items were originally made.

Finish or Not? ...

When to finish and when not to, can be an easy decision. If the piece of furniture you're thinking about getting refinished is of a solid wood construction, then it is probably worth restoring. Let Spray All Painting bring it back to life!