We do ALL types of finishing & refinishing !

Various Finishes ...

Many older pieces of furniture are constructed with very beautiful pieces of wood and when refinished properly, they can add a very elegant touch to your home decor.

New Cabinets

Are you having your new kitchen cabinets built? We can give that factory look to most any cabinets that you might have. If so, insist that Spray All Painting does the refinishing for you!

Wooden Doors
(New & Old)

At Spray All Painting, we are set up to finish or refinish any wooden products. Let us put some finishing touches to your existing or new home.

New Cabinets

At Spray All Painting, we pride ourselves in doing the job to the highest possible finishing standards available anywhere in the Maritimes.

Factory Finish

Finished products have a professional factory finish using our spray system.

Larger Projects

At Spray All Painting, we have the capability to handles jobs of any size. Here is a photo of the Basilica Church. All of the pews were refinished by Spray All Painting.

Major Custom Work

We do more than small furniture refinishing. The old Charlottetown Hotel is another example of the beautiful factory finish that we can provide!